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Free Life-Planner and video series!

Grab your FREE Life-Planner today! This 26 page downloadable book will help you find your 'purpose' in life. Get it today by clicking this link. You will then be emailed the book straight away! PLUS you get access to 8 videos all about 'Knowing yourself' over a month - these easy to watch videos will also cover the life-planner sections to make it easier for you.

So after 7 years or so, I have decided that Health/Fitness isn't my passion anymore. I ran a sh*t load of online courses etc. In fact, I am amazing at running/designing them...yet they are no longer the thing that gets me super excited and pumped. So I have decided to give them all away for FREE! Yep, these courses are totes FREE from now on and you get to use the content whenever you like. Please don't copy it and use it for yourself though...just credit Emma P. if you do use it, yes? So, click on the pic above and get started! So now you have NO EXCUSES huh? Emma xx



Click to listen to the following audios:

Use this audio to relax to. Its worth 3 hours sleep! You can't not do this!

Use this short audio to relax in those short snippets of time you get to yourself. This is ideal for people just starting with getting into meditation.

Use this slightly longer Yoga Nidra to recharge yourself. These meditations are invaluable!

Use this short meditation for a quick-fix! Perfect for beginners.

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