Struggling to get your sh*t done?

Wanting more out of your life?

Over the 'mum guilts'?

Good news my friend.

'My Time. My Life' is the game-changing online course and community that everyone is talking about.

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If you think you are self sabotaging...then you probably are. Click here for more information on this 3 week eCourse.

Get your sh*t done in any area of your life. Your health, career, relationships or even money.

This online course covers all 7 secrets from the best selling book 'The 7 secrets to getting sh*t done' by Emma P.

You get access to videos, downloads and audios. Listen to this time and time again as you get your sh*t done in each area of your life...

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* Are you a single woman and 'over' looking for your ideal mate? ❤️
* Do you want to know the steps it takes to manifest whatever you desire? Whether it be love, money or a new career? 💰 🔑 ✈️

Okay, okay, its sounds nearly unbelievable huh? But my guess is that if you are still are open to something new. Something quite magical in the scheme of things...

For years and years I have tried this sh*t. I read books, watched videos and 'tried' to manifest and create amazing things. Some stuff worked, some didn't.

It wasn't until I did specific work around getting clear on what I wanted, plus a few other tricks... that it started to work!

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Do you feel conflicted when it comes to your own self-care?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel when it comes to being a parent?

Do you need support, love and the need to feel ‘normal’?

Do you just want to piss off the mum guilt?

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